八 十 六

Currently a
F/T Front-End Designer

Part-time musician, photographer, artist, designer, blogger, author, filmmaker, activist, creator, illustrator and crazy.

hello, [sak pase?]
my name is Jean Edouard Gustave, i create stuff; mostly digital shit.

I was born and raised in Haiti. I moved to the United States when I was 21 with only a dark blue pant, a green shirt, a lowtop converse and some dreams in a small briefcase.

Before I became a Front-End Designer, I was an artist. Before I became a Multimedia Artist, I used to be a janitor, ups driver helper, security officer, failed entrepreneur, a terrible event promoter, a wannabe musician and a dreamer. Well, I'm still a dreamer. It’s hard to define what I am, but I sure know where I’m headed with my life.

I am now a full time Front End Designer-Developer. When I’m not working, I do a lot of craps on the side.

At the moment, I'm not taking on perosnal projects. However, send me an email or contact my agent TopKreyol if you would like to talk. Don't you think we could change the world?

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