hello, [sak pase?]

My name is Jean Edouard Gustave. I am a design-oriented front-end developer. I strive to build interactive and attractive web applications through fashionable codes and user-centric design.

Here are the side projects I'm working on now:

méli mélo Business Expo: A FREE one-day event where hundreds of potential consumers will connect and network with exhibitors in various industries..

Jean Edouard Gustave Soccer Ball shooting soccer

Project: méli mélo Business Expo
Role: Thinker
Website: méli mélo Business Expo

méli mélo is a FREE one-day event hosted in Jacksonville, Florida where hundreds of potential consumers like yourself will connect and network with exhibitors in various industries. Our vendors offer a variety of products and services that you can only find at the business expo. We are committed to providing you with everything you need in one day under one roof.

TopKreyol Magazine: Pushing the Haitian community forward. Made for a purpuse. Unity makes strength.

TopKreyol Magazine Haitian Community

Project: TopKreyol Magazine
Role: Founder
Website: None (yet)

The TopKreyol Magazine is a quatherly publication published in the Haitian community. It covers subjects such as: community development, finance, immigration, etc.

AppsHabit: Showcasing the most used apps creatives around the United States of America are using.

AppsHaibit Jean Edouard Gustave and Kenold Beauplan project

Project: AppsHabit
Role: Co-Founder
Website: AppsHabit

Apps Habit showcases the most used productive apps by professionals around the United States. Find out what app is trending and see how it can help you..