hello, [sak pase?]
my name is Jean Edouard Gustave,
i create stuff; mostly digital shit.
I'm an Art Director and UI/UX Designer.

"I always try to keep everything simple because the world has become too complex... and it perfectly works."

Identity. It’s very challenging to define what I am. Although I’m more comfortable in a UI/UX designer/art director’s shoes, other creative entities don’t cease to invade my intellect. My persona is what separates me from others. Rather than pursuing dough, advancing status, winning awards, I prefer to create and work on projects I enjoy doing, keep challenging myself, and do interesting things that matter.

Who I become? I spoil my appetite on simple interfaces. I also love coding and illustration. Like all Haitian people I live off patriotic pride, I eat spicy and rice & bean every day! I also say “Sak pase?" to greet my friends. I graduated from Florida State College at Jacksonville with a major in Digital Multimedia Technology and a minor in Graphic Design Production.

Now. Currently, I am an Art Director at antean where I work for great clients and collaborate with amazing artists. When I’m not at antean loosing my mind, you may find me doing shows, pushing on with VIIA TOURS or doing personal projects.

What’s next? If you would like to work with me or would like to collaborate, send me an email or contact my agent TopKreyol. Don't you think we could change the world?

Get in touch? Want to grab a drink and chat? Would you like to work together?


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