hello, [sak pase?]

My name is Jean Edouard Gustave. I am a design-oriented front-end developer. I strive to build interactive and attractive web applications through fashionable codes and user-centric design.

Here are the side projects I'm working on now:

SGoP: This year, I have decided to invest in sport.

Jean Edouard Gustave Soccer Ball shooting soccer

Project: SGop
Role: Thinker
Website: None (yet)

Project in progress...

TopKreyol Magazine: Pushing the Haitian community forward. Made for a purpuse. Unity makes strength.

TopKreyol Magazine Haitian Community

Project: TopKreyol Magazine
Role: Founder
Website: None (yet)

The TopKreyol Magazine is a quatherly publication published in the Haitian community. It covers subjects such as: community development, finance, immigration, etc.

AppsHabit: Showcasing the most used apps creatives around the United States of America are using.

AppsHaibit Jean Edouard Gustave and Kenold Beauplan project

Project: AppsHabit
Role: Co-Founder
Website: AppsHabit

Apps Habit showcases the most used productive apps by professionals around the United States. Find out what app is trending and see how it can help you..