Since graduating with a degree in Digital Multimedia Technology from Florida State College at Jacksonville, I have focused my professional career on Interactive Design and Front-End Development (UI and UX).

I am now a full time Front-End Designer at Remora. When I’m not working, I'm with Jeanikah and Heiydhen or you can find me doing a lot of craps on the side.

A couple years ago I have created a standalone organization —TopKreyol— to develop and support the Jacksonville Haitian Community. Right now, I publish a quarterly print magazine "TopKreyol Magazine” to support activities in the community. It can be found in every Haitian business in Jacksonville.

Front End Developer Jean Edouard Gustave as Kid

Tools I use:

To Design

photoshop logo adobe illustrator logo adobe indesign logo adobe xd logo a sketchbook to draw

Cloud Stoages

dropbox logo icloud drive logo google drive logo


microsoft word logo hemingway editor logo medium logo

For Front End Development

blasamiq logo adobe xd logo invision studio logo brackets logo visual code editor logo atom code editor logo sublime text logo github logo filezilla logo mamp logo


adobe premiere cc logo adobe after effects logo garage band logo voice memos logo

Project Management

trello svg logo notes app logo evernote logo task logo

Team Collaboration

slack logo dropbox logo

Music Creation

fruity loops logo

I'm not a big fan of social media