Hi, I'm Jean

I'm a serial entrepreneur; co-founder of ANTEAN, ViiaTours and Sumocca.

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For this project, I will be collaborating with Antean, Sumocca and Invigor8 to launch 25 new companies before January 15, 2018. Are you ready?

Where there's a will there's a way.

Minimum $500 on your saving.

30 Minutes of your time everyday.

Have a solid idea/product/service.

LAUNCH FAST: How we launched a company in 24 hours' challenge

Before the release date of my fifth book "LAUNCH FAST: How we launched a company in 24 hours" I want to help 25 aspiring entrepreneurs launch their business fast. If you think you got what it takes, join the movement and become your own boss today.


Simply because I want to create enough buzz for my book and also to make sure that everything in the book is applicable to different type of businesses.

It won't cost you a dime. I will only give you some of my time and knowledge to launch your company or accelerate the process.

It will really take you less than 2 days if you put the effort in.

Believe it or not, YES.

We will create momentum and enough noise so we can put potential clients/buyers on a waiting list. Once you launch, they will be in line waiting.'ll be a one-on-one video chat with real conversation and discussion. Fair enough?

After our initial intake, you may voluntarily asked to take service from my supporters. It's if you want to. If you do, I'll refer other businesses to buy from you as well. It's totally up to you. No obligation.

There a form below, just fill it out and I will contact you within 12 hours. Talk to you soon!


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